Get Ready to TRANSFORM Your Body and Mind and Start THRIVING Every Single Day!

Join me as I help you take back control of your fitness, get motivated to workout again, and TRANSFORM your body from the inside out.


Thousands of women have gone through my challenges and have seen incredible results…

And over the next 6 weeks, hundreds more are going to SCULPT and SHAPE their physiques while learning how to live their most fulfilling, connected, and empowered lives.

If you’ve been waiting for something to kickstart your routine, want to feel proud and confident of your body when you look in a mirror, and do it all with an incredible community of members…

Don’t wait to join the Transform & Thrive 6 Week Challenge!


You're still not sure about going back to the gym, and your at-home workouts have started to feel a little blah… 

You’re repeating the same few exercises over and over and not seeing any progress.

As a result, your motivation has started to drop.

Energy is low, excitement is low, and you’re looking for a change.

I get it! Trying to work out on a gloomy day in your living room can deter even the most meatiest of meatheads.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned that instead of forcing yourself to do workouts you THINK you should be doing...

To do workouts that you actually ENJOY and feel connected with.

Workouts that will empower and energize you, and get you EXCITED to do your next one!

That is exactly why I decided to create this Transform & Thrive Challenge...

To help you rekindle your love for workouts (yes, even at home!), smash those mental roadblocks, and transform your body into a fat burning, thriving machine!

The Transform & Thrive Challenge is different from any that I’ve done before...

I’m bringing everything together in this - mind, body and spirit - to help you find that deep inner purpose, and unrelenting drive.

I want you to shape and build those MUSCLES, while shaping and building your MIND.

I’m going to take you from feeling FLAT, to feeling FIERCE.

When these 6 weeks are over you will:

  • Feel LEANER, STRONGER, and more CAPABLE than ever before
  • Be CONFIDENT of your body every time you glance in a mirror
  • Get inspired to set and ACHIEVE any goal you desire
  • Learn to train in a way that gets you REAL, LONG LASTING RESULTS
  • Feel more joyful, happy, and grateful each and every day


(Whether you’re brand new to working out or an experienced lifter, the Transform & Thrive Challenge has something for you)!


The workouts you’ll do in this challenge are unlike any that you’ve ever done - and we’ve got some epic ones in store for you. Every week you’ll be given 5 new follow along videos - 4 workouts, and 1 mobility session.

The workouts will focus on tightening up your tummy, firming up those thighs and glutes, and strengthening your upper body

The mobility sessions will improve your flexibility and range of motion, and help you live a pain-free life, from morning to night!


This is the first training program to come with a complete mindset overhaul. We’re going to take you from feeling ‘fine’ to feeling like the THRIVING bad-ass that we know you are.

Every week you'll receive a coaching video to target some of our biggest mental roadblocks. You’ll be breaking down barriers, learning how to overcome your self-doubt, and living your life to its fullest potential.

Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome, comparing yourself to others, or have trouble maintaining discipline with your goals - you’ll leave this program with the confidence and tools you need to THRIVE.


If you're killing it with the workouts, but your diet isn't dialled in, your results will suffer.

We're here to keep you accountable, make healthy eating SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE, and help you drop those stubborn pounds. Our brand new recipe guide is filled with mouth watering recipes to help you nourish and strengthen your body.

You'll be crushing it in your living room (or the gym) AND the kitchen, for the most epic transformation possible.


Imagine yourself 6 weeks from now...

You've committed fully to elevating your body and your mind...

You've proved to yourself day after day, that you are capable of doing hard things (and crushing them!)

You're leaner, stronger, and tighter than you've been since lockdowns began.

You feel confident. Happy. Grateful and in control.

Here's the thing...

Meaningful growth requires challenge and stress.

All those things above sound amazing - but they're going to take WORK.

If it wasn't challenging, those results wouldn't feel as rewarding.

But that's why we'll be going through it TOGETHER.

You, me, and hundreds of like-minded members who are committed to improving their health, fitness, and lifestyle. And we'll be supporting you every step of the way!



Every week you'll be receiving 4 follow-along workout videos, and 1 mobility session. The workouts are designed to tighten up your mid-section, burn excess belly fat, and firm up your thighs, all while building sexy feminine curves!

The workouts will be divided into Legs & Glutes, Upper Body Cardio, Full Body Strength, and Full Body Conditioning.


Join our members-only Sweat Nation Facebook group, where we support, encourage, and check in with one another to stay accountable.

You'll also receive weekly coaching chats and email check ins with Beverley Cheng, to discuss all things mindset and personal growth related.

You won't find this kind of support and engagement with any other challenge!


We brought on one of the BEST and most knowledgeable dieticians to create an outstanding recipe guide for you.

All recipes will nourish your body while keeping you on track with your fitness goals. You'll be given full recipe lists, instructional breakdowns, and additions on how to make it fit with your diet preferences.


Once a week, our Head Coach Beverley will provide a new topic to chat through some of the most common mental barriers.

You'll learn how to set and achieve any goal, become more mindful throughout your day, build successful habits, and learn how to live the most sustainable and healthy lifestyle. All live videos will be saved on the Facebook group!

If you're ready to take back control of your fitness, learn how to stay motivated and committed, and feel your absolute BEST over the next 6 weeks...


If you're still not sure - listen up:

These challenges only happen a few times a year...

And each time, they get bigger and BETTER.

More members, more support and MASSIVE transformations.

I don’t want you to be the person at the end of these 6 weeks, regretting that you never signed up...

I promise you -

There is not a single plateau, limiting belief, or challenge that you cannot overcome.

We are here to support you, encourage you, and help you THRIVE every single day. No person gets left behind.

This is an investment into elevating your health, your goals, and your FUTURE.

So if you're ready to:

✓ Build strength while melting the fat away
✓ Take back control of your fitness and mindset
✓ Wake up feeling energized and motivated
✓ Stay accountable and on track with your goals
✓ Completely transform your life


What equipment do I need?

Only minimal equipment is required for the Transform & Thrive challenge! In our workouts together you'll need:

✓ Dumbbells (the more the merrier)
✓  Booty Bands (you can order yours at our online store)
✓  Long Resistance Band
✓  Yoga Mat
✓  Bench / Box / Low Table (anything to stand on)

I am a beginner - is this challenge right for me?

This challenge is open to people of all levels, experiences and capabilities! Our head coach Beverley will always offer modifications for challenging movements, and is there to encourage you and push you forward with each workout.

We also have our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, request modifications, and brag about your workout wins!

How long are the workouts?

The workouts will range from 20-40 minutes long. Each video is follow along, from start to finish. We also have 5-10 minute warm up and cool down videos which are suggested to do at the beginning and end of your workouts.

What is included with the Transform & Thrive challenge?

We have so much in store for you with this challenge! When you sign up you get:

✓  Lifetime access to 6 weeks of on-demand workouts (stream on any device)
✓  A dedicated recipe guide containing healthy, nourishing meals to fuel your workouts
✓  Access to our private Facebook group with accountability and support
✓  Exclusive weekly mindset coaching with Beverley to help you set and achieve your goals
✓ Weekly check-ins to keep you on track and motivated
✓ A unique experience where you can meet like-minded members, have fun, and transform your body!