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FUEGO empowers women to become independent, take control of their lives, and feel unapologetically sexy, with a body that matches their inner strength.


All you need is a little spark to light a fire

Over the next 4 weeks, fitness expert and mom of 2, Ingrid Romero, will lead you through her newest Full Body Fuego challenge. Get ready to achieve the BEST shape of your life with this fiery follow-along fitness plan. Built for all women, all levels, all ages.

If your workouts have taken a backseat lately, and you're looking to reignite your passion for fitness again - don't put out the flame.

Get ready to reshape your mindset, light up your workouts, and do it all with a supportive community of members!


Fire is multifaceted. It warms us, brings light, and destroys what no longer serves us, giving you space to create new growth.

That's exactly what the Full Body Fuego challenge will do for you.

Over the next 4 weeks you'll be joining a community of strong, supportive women to ignite the fire within you.

You'll build the ferocity and resilience to remove any negativity in your life, while getting into your strongest, FIERCEST shape.

Whether you are moving into a new stage in your life, have lost your excitement for exercise, or are looking to surround yourself with likeminded, positive women...

The Full Body Fuego Challenge will help you to rekindle your fire, take back control, and feel unapologetically SEXY inside & out!


Meet Your Coach: Ingrid Romero!

Born and raised near Barcelona, this spicy Spanish native has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

Ingrid has travelled all over the world, modelling, competing in fitness competitions, coaching thousands of women, AND raising two twin boys!

During her pregnancy, Ingrid gained an extra 50 lbs while having to spend 2 months in Intensive Care with her babies. To say she has overcome challenges is an understatement.

"Rather than defeat me, the adversity I've faced have become a source of strength and have helped me to become the person, professionally and privately, that I am today."

As your coach for the next 4 weeks, Ingrid is dedicated to improving every aspect of your life - it doesn't matter if you're experienced or if you just want to feel good about yourself again - she has got your back the whole way!


Are you ready to get FUEGO?!


Full Body Fuego is all about building muscle, torching excess fat, and lighting up that intensity! Each week progresses off the previous using only dumbbells, bands and bodyweight.

The final two weeks you'll be adding in fat blasting plyometric cardio exercises and burnout sets for the best results.

Get ready to fire up that willpower because you're going to get a chance to let your muscles show what they're REALLY made of!


Stay accountable to the challenge and to YOURSELF, with our complimentary Fired Up Journal Pack - 3 journals to track your food, mood and habits over the next 4 weeks.

This is our first training program that comes with this added bonus, and will have a HUGE impact on the results you'll get from these workouts.

The journal sheets include: Life Vision, Meal Planner, Reflections, Goal Tracker, and Mindset Reminders to keep you on track to elevate your business, lifestyle and achieve your goals.


Healthy eating doesn't have to just be veggies & protein #alldayeveryday. Instead, we're bringing the heat with a brand new recipe guide!

As a self proclaimed sweets addict, Ingrid has put together a guide with her favourite healthy dessert recipes, smoothies and salads to keep your diet in check during this challenge.

Each recipe is quick to make, customizable, made with whole foods, and DELICIOUS! You won't mind heading to the kitchen to whip up one of these meals!


Over these next 4 weeks you're going to:

  • Get in amazing shape while transforming your mindset...
  • Build inner and outer strength with a powerful support system...
  • Take control of your eating habits while tracking nutrition...
  • Lose weight, build muscle and burn fat while eating real food...

    All while training in a fun and effective way that suits your lifestyle!

"By facing your fears and stepping on the gas, you will be unstoppable."

One of the most common excuses for not signing up to a challenge is because you don't believe you can see it through...

You're too busy at work, you're not 'ready' to start a fitness program, or you don't have the motivation to train at home.

But that's EXACTLY why this 4 week challenge is so perfect:

Each class is completed in 25 minutes or LESS, leaving more time to spend on the things that matter to YOU.

All workouts are bootcamp style, so you'll be constantly pushing your body in a new way, without getting BORED.

Finally, our incredible community of 1000+ members are here to support and motivate you each and every day, no matter where you are in your fitness journey!

Ingrid has dedicated her life to improving the lives of her clients, and works tirelessly to ensure you're getting the BEST results. With her guidance and your commitment, bolstered by a fierce female fam, anything is possible. 

Get ready to join Ingrid, and hundreds of like-minded members who are committed to improving their health, fitness, and lifestyle. We'll be supporting you every step of the way!



Every week you'll receive 5 follow-along, bootcamp style workouts. Done at home or the gym, these classes are designed to firm up that lower belly pouch, torch calories, and keep you in fat burning mode all day long!

The workouts will be divided into Arms & Abs, Butt & Legs, Back & Shoulders and Full Body. FUEGO!


Join our members-only Sweat Nation Facebook group, where we support, encourage, and check in with one another to stay accountable.

Ingrid will be going live in the group to answer any of your questions, keep you focussed, and help you get the most out of your accountability journals. You won't find this kind of support and engagement with any other challenge!


Our Smoothie, Salad and Sweets guide is the first of it's kind! Get access to a variety of delicious, thick smoothies, nutritious salads, and yummy dessert recipes, that WON'T make you feel guilty for having seconds.

This straight forward and easy to follow guide is sure to get you excited about cooking again!


Get access to our first ever accountability journal pack and watch your results 10X! You'll be able to track your daily food, mood, workout adherence, and reflect on your progress each week.

In combination with our supportive community and coach, these journals will help you to stay consistent and focussed throughout the 4 weeks and beyond.

If you're ready to take back control of your fitness, feel independent and unstoppable, all while FIRING UP your physique...


Fuego means fire in Spanish, and it represents the powerful energy you'll be bringing forward in your workouts and training.

As a woman who has dealt with personal setbacks, pregnancy challenges and more, Ingrid is the perfect coach to help push you through any mental or physical roadblock.

While you may not be able to change what's happening around you, you CAN change your mindset and how you approach the future.

These last two years forced many of us to put some dreams on hold...

And you might be struggling to get yourself motivated and moving again.

This challenge is all about re-igniting that passion inside you, and using that powerful energy to spark a FIRE!

We are here to support you, encourage you, and help you thrive mentally, physically and independently.

This is an investment into elevating your health, your goals, and your FUTURE.

So if you're ready to:

✓ Build strength while melting the fat away
✓ Break free from negative situations, patterns, and people
✓ Learn to discipline your mindset and push through discomfort
✓ Stay accountable and on track with your goals
✓ Get absolutely FUEGO for 2022...


What equipment do I need?

Only minimal equipment is required for the Full Body Fuego challenge! In our workouts together you'll need:

✓ Dumbbells (the more the merrier)
✓  Booty Bands or Fabric Resistance Bands
✓  Sliders
✓  Yoga Mat
✓  Bench / Box / Low Table (anything to stand on)


I am a beginner - is this challenge right for me?

This challenge is open to people of all levels, experiences and capabilities! Our trainer, Ingrid Romero will always offer modifications for challenging movements, and is there to encourage you and push you forward with each workout.

We also have our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, request modifications, and brag about your workout wins!

Are the workouts available anytime?

Yes - all workouts are pre-recorded and accessible anytime. We're making fitness as accessible as possible, to make it work with YOUR busy schedule! The best part is - you get lifetime access to everything. So if you have to take a week off from the challenge, you can always pick up where you left off without any stress.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts will range from 20-30 minutes long. Each video is follow along, from start to finish. We also have 5-10 minute warm up and cool down videos which are suggested to do at the beginning and end of your workouts.

What is included with the Full Body Fuego challenge?

We have so much in store for you with this challenge! When you sign up you get:

✓  Lifetime access to 4 weeks of on-demand workouts (stream on any device)
✓  A Sweets, Smoothie and Salads recipe guide containing healthy, nourishing meals to fuel your workouts
✓  Access to our private Facebook group with accountability and support
✓  Bonus Fired Up Journal Pack to keep you accountable, on track, and pushing towards your goals
✓ Weekly email check-ins to keep you on track and motivated
✓ A unique experience where you can meet like-minded members, have fun, and fire up your body!