This Year is YOUR Year. Step into Your Power and Join the Empowered 6 Week Challenge

Join us as we help you take back control of your fitness, get motivated to workout again, and EMPOWER yourself to live your best life.


A new year is coming up, and with that, a new chance for you to recommit to your goals.

What better way to ring in the new year, than with a challenge that will push you to become your strongest-self, both physically and mentally?

These next 6 weeks are going to be all about YOU.

Training your body in a way that will strengthen and define it...

Building up unconditional self love and acceptance...

And EMPOWERING yourself to live your fittest and most fulfilling life.

If you've been waiting for a sign to invest in YOU, feel proud of the way you nourish and treat your body, and do it all with a strong and supportive community...

Starts Jan 3, 2022


If you're hesitant about the whole 'New Year Resolutions' thing,

Don't worry. I get it.

We've all been there.

You'll set MASSIVE goals for yourself for the new year, and less than 3 weeks in, you've already fallen off track.

You feel frustrated. Guilty. Annoyed.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

I've found when it comes to achieving goals, there are 3 KEY pieces:

1) A proven system and routine to follow.

2) Accountability and continuous support.

3) Passion & drive to make long lasting changes.

The Empowered Challenge will provide you with a proven system that WORKS, and the powerful support to see it through...

All YOU need to do is come with the passion and drive to commit.

Over the next 6 weeks, this challenge will be the driving force to get you laser focussed on your goals. I'm going to help you take back control of your health, fitness, and nutrition...

And start living your most EMPOWERED life.



The Empowered Challenge was created with YOUR goals and dreams in mind.

When I started planning this challenge, I knew I wanted it to be different than any other New Year fitness available.

I wanted to give the power and control back to YOU, and set you on the right path for the new year.

Your body should be CELEBRATED and honoured, and this challenge focusses on strengthening your self love while also strengthening your physique.

You're going to go through 6 weeks of workouts that will not only sculpt, define and shape your body...

...but will also bring forth a confidence and mindset that will lead you to your most empowered self.

Whether your goal is to...

  • Lose 10 lbs of excess body fat
  • Start up a side hustle
  • Perform 10 push ups in a row
  • Find a deeper purpose and meaning within your life

You will find the confidence and belief to step into your power, and make these dreams come alive!


(Whether you’re brand new to working out or an experienced lifter, the Empowered Challenge has something for you)!


All workouts are tried and tested by me, to ensure you're pushing yourself a little bit more, every single session. Each time you push yourself outside your comfort zone, you prove to yourself that you're able to do the hard things you never thought were possible.

The workouts will focus on building strength and power in your legs and glutes, sculpting your arms and abs, and burning excess body fat for a lean, killer physique.

The mobility sessions will improve your flexibility and range of motion, and help you live a pain-free life, from morning to night!


I'm here to encourage you to become your best self, both physically and mentally. The more that you train and strengthen your body, the more you train and strengthen your mind.

This program is not just about losing 'X lbs of fat,' or 'tightening up flabby arms' (though those changes will come too)! It's about learning to embrace yourself whole heartedly, and becoming more empowered and joyful in EVERY aspect of your life.

In addition to the workouts, you'll receive a self-love guide, and daily support from me and the Sweat Nation community. You'll also get to ask us anything related to your fitness journey, to help you reach your fullest potential.


If you're killing it with the workouts, but your diet isn't dialled in, your results will suffer.

We're here to keep you accountable, make healthy eating SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE, and help you drop those stubborn pounds. Our brand new recipe guide is filled with mouth watering recipes to help you nourish and strengthen your body.

You'll be crushing it in your living room (or the gym) AND the kitchen, for the most epic transformation possible.


This is my callout to you, to not let your goals take a backseat this year.

These last couple years have been tough, to say the least.

It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of life, while slowly letting our own self-care and needs take a backseat.

But you know you deserve MORE.

You deserve to invest properly in your health, your fitness, and your growth.

You deserve to wake up each day feeling stronger, lighter, EMPOWERED.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of that truth.

And that is exactly why I created the Empowered 6 Week Challenge.

To give you the foundation you need to set yourself up for a POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, and INTENTION DRIVEN new year.

And the best part is...

You'll have hundreds of members support and encouragement, every step of the way.

I'm giving you EVERYTHING you need to reach your highest potential this year...

The only part missing is you.

Are you ready to start living your most EMPOWERED life?!



Every week you'll receive 4 follow-along workout videos, and 1 mobility session. The workouts are designed to build out your glutes and thighs, sculpt and lengthen your upper body, and blast away stubborn body fat.

The workouts will be divided into 2 Legs & Glutes workouts, 1 Upper Body Sculpt, 1 Full Body Sweat, and 1 Mobility session.


Join our members-only Sweat Nation Facebook group, where we support, encourage, and check in with one another to stay accountable.

Head Coach Beverley Cheng will be going live to host an empowering Goal Setting workshop and will be available to answer any questions you have. You won't find this kind of support and engagement with any other challenge!


We've put together a healthy recipe guide that includes a variety of high protein, vegetarian, vegan and low carb meals. All recipes will nourish your body while keeping you on track with your fitness goals.

From breakfast to dinner, and snacks in between, you'll feel totally in control of your diet AND your training with this guide. Includes macros, instructional breakdowns, and ingredient list.


In addition to the workouts, recipes AND goal setting workshop, you'll also receive a guide full of my favourite Self Love resources and tips. This is to help you along your journey to becoming more accepting, loving, and sure of yourself every single day.

Empowerment doesn't just come from how you look on the outside, but how you feel inside. I'm here to make sure you feel your best for BOTH.

If you're want to start 2022 feeling motivated and strong, invest in your health and fitness, and feel EMPOWERED every single day...


Opportunities like this only come once a year...

While you can restart your fitness routine at any time, there's only ONE chance to start it off with a new year. And that time is now.

This is your chance to do things differently from last year...

To grab this life that feels like it's passing by...

And make it even more meaningful and powerful.

When you choose to invest in your personal and physical health,

You're teaching yourself that your dreams and visions are WORTH fighting for.

And I can guarantee you won't ever regret putting yourself first.

So if you're ready to take action this new year...

And you want to leave behind those limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back...

We are here to support, encourage, and EMPOWER you, every single day.

This is an investment into elevating your health, your goals, and your FUTURE.

So if you're ready to:

✓ Build strength while melting the fat away
✓ Take back control of your fitness and mindset
✓ Wake up feeling energized and motivated
✓ Stay accountable and on track with your goals
✓ Completely empower your life


What equipment do I need?

Only minimal equipment is required for the Empower Challenge! In our workouts together you'll need:

✓ Dumbbells (the more the merrier)
✓  Booty Bands (you can order yours at our online store)
✓  Long Resistance Band
✓  Yoga Mat
✓  Bench / Box / Low Table (anything to stand on)

I am a beginner - is this challenge right for me?

This challenge is open to people of all levels, experiences and capabilities! Our head coach Beverley will always offer modifications for challenging movements, and is there to encourage you and push you forward with each workout.

We also have our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, request modifications, and brag about your workout wins!

What if I can't tune into the Goal Setting Workshop with Beverley?

If you aren't able to make a live video, no need to panic! All videos will be saved on our Facebook group and emailed out to you at the end of the week.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts will range from 20-40 minutes long. Each video is follow along, from start to finish. We also have 5-10 minute warm up and cool down videos which are suggested to do at the beginning and end of your workouts.

What is included with the Empower Challenge?

We have so much in store for you with this challenge! When you sign up you get:

✓  Lifetime access to 6 weeks of on-demand workouts (stream on any device)
✓  A dedicated recipe guide containing healthy, nourishing meals to fuel your workouts
✓  Access to our private Facebook group with accountability and support
✓  Exclusive Goal Setting workshop with Beverley to help you set and achieve your goals
✓ Self Love Resource Guide with easy to implement tips and ideas
✓ Weekly check-ins to keep you on track and motivated
✓ A unique experience where you can meet like-minded members, have fun, and transform your body!

If the challenge isn't right for me, can I get a refund?

The first workout in the challenge is available to try for free so you can see what it's all about. You'll have 72 hours from the time of purchase to request a refund - up until the start date of Jan. 3rd, 2022. Once the challenge starts, refunds will not be issued.